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Mum, should I get married?

In our life time we heard many odd stories about human behaviour before the wedding. It is obviously a stressful moment, you are making a commitment before your parents, friends, all invited guests, the priest or someone who officiates the wedding, that you will be together for your whole life. It is known that many people, who vowed this, are no longer together, hence it’s hard not have doubts.

There is always a “but”. Here some relationship advice for women and men.

Peter Pan and responsibility  

Everyone knows the story about charming Peter Pan who didn’t want to grow up. He didn’t want to be responsible for anything or anyone and always wanted to play games and lead a carefree life. The funny thing is that the hero of our story, whose name was Peter, was an ideal example of Peter Pan.

We often had the feeling, watching his mischievous actions, constant journeys, never-ending dates and parties that this person would never decide to be in a serious relationship. Peter changed women he dated from one week to the next. His longest “relationship” lasted a month. How a person like this can last in marriage, a relationship for a whole life? He worried that he won’t last unless there will be a miracle and Peter Pan will become Mr Peter; a responsible, staid, serious man. But let’s start from the beginning.

Entrapped Peter Pan

To catch Peter Pan is very difficult. You have to spoil him long enough, cater to his every whim and constantly pay him compliments. Peter Pan likes it when a woman courts him. When it comes to a woman who is trying to get him, she has to be very cunning, so Peter Pan does not realise what is happening.

This is how our Peter found his woman, who decided to lead him in front of the altar. It would be better to say – “drag”.

It takes one to know one

He never wanted to take the responsibility, become attached, he never made any promises. She wanted a husband who is known and loved by many (because you just cannot dislike Peter Pan). It didn’t matter how hard Peter Pan was trying to get away from the thought of a wedding the harder his woman was dreaming about it. The two opposite ideas were rubbing on each other; there couldn’t possibly be anything good that comes out of this.

Should I get married?

Those struggles lasted two years. The woman turned out to be tenacious and in the end got what she wanted. Peter Pan was made to send out the wedding invitations and organizing a huge wedding, which will be remembered for years. Whoever got the invitation couldn’t believe their eyes. Many asked whether it was a joke. No one could believe that Peter Pan was getting married.

He, quite honestly didn’t want to get married. But something in him snapped. It appears that he agreed just to keep the peace so he didn’t have to constantly fight about it.

The day before the wedding Peter Pan asked his mother: “Mum should I get married?”

This story does not require a comment. We can add that it did not end hapilly. Peter Pan is still Peter the Husband and is suffering terribly in a relationship that he never wanted.


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