best advice on household cleaning, hard to remove, red stains, can be sorted with easy using homemade remedies

How to easily and effectively remove a stain?

In the case of stain removal using home remedies, there is one very important principle. If you washed the stained clothes and it did not fade, do not iron the stained clothing as the damage will become permanent. In this situation, you have to wash the item until the stain disappears.

However, stains will not always wash out even after several washes. How to cope? In this article you’ll find several ways to tackle different types of stains. Bien Magazine talks today about red stains.

Removing beetroot stains

Stains made by beetroot juice can be reduced by immediately rubbing the stained area with a wet sponge. If the stain is old, you need to soak the material overnight in cold water. You can also rub in to the patch a diluted laundry detergent, then rinse.

Removing stains from blueberries

Removing those marks is not easy, but you can also tackle them. On any stains from berries the best method and most effective is to use vinegar. The fabric must be soaked for an hour in a solution of vinegar and water. Then clean the stain with cotton wool soaked in vinegar.

Stained linen has to be soaked for half an hour in sour milk. In turn, the wool needs to be rubbed with lemon juice, silk can be cleaned with cotton wool soaked in alcohol and rinsed in warm water.

In any case, you can use warm milk to remove the stains.

Removing wine stains, fruit juices and beetroot soup

Removing stains from red fruit juices, wine and red borscht involves sprinkling large amounts of salt over the stain and rubbing for a while. Contaminated salt needs to be flicked off, fresh salt sprinkled on again and the procedure repeated. When the salt stays white, you can wash the fabric, or carpet.

A tablecloth stained with red wine can be cleaned with salt, according to the above method. You can also pour boiling water over it and wash it, or pour hot milk over it and rinse in hot water.

In turn, stained velvet and silk should be sprinkled with potato flour and drizzled with lemon juice.


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