Bien Magazine helps plan a hen do, so it becomes a time of real, crazy fun

Bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are usually organised, as a rule, by the closest friends of the future bride. This is a very important moment and should stay in the memory forever. Though symbolically you say goodbye to the freedom of old life, do not forget that friendships will stay and it is worth cherishing them for a lifetime. It is no coincidence that the bachelorette party is just a ladies night. Here some advice from women's magazines online to help you have a great time.

Use your imagination

You know, surely, what would appeal to the bride, because you have known her for years. But that does not mean that you cannot come up with new ideas, something fresh and exciting. Are you sure a male striptease or a fun night in a well known eatery is a good idea? Why not take a short trip several days before the wedding? If this idea is too demanding financially, you can use our many, cheaper suggestions.

Try the exotic dishes

A great idea is to go out for an exotic dinner in the restaurant, which you normally avoided because of the bizarre menu, dishes that are often difficult to pronounce. It may turn out that tasting the delicacies from all over the world will be one of the most interesting life experiences.

The hen night, where you will take a trip down memory lane and remember shared funny and touching moments, ups and downs of friendships, your youthful love affairs, spiced with excellent food, tempting the food palate with quite exotic tastes - will become an evening you will remember for years with a smile on your face.

Unusual entertainment

Here, the only limit is the imagination and size of your wallet. If you love water, you can go an aqua park and spend crazy time on the slides. You can also make an appointment with a future teller to predict a happy future for you. You can also go to a karaoke bar and there you can unleash your musical talents.

For the brave

If you are a group of crazy and courageous women, you can organise your memorable moments, flying a balloon, jumping with a parachute, or bungee jumping. You can also hire a rally driver, with the super-car, of course, and try driving it around the racetrack.

There are also girls who will enjoy spending a night in the wilderness, where you will have to find a way to a hidden destination deep in the forrest. Others can drive cars off-road through the woods, and mud.


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