relationship advice for women, a relationship with narcissus will only bring you disappointments, embarrassment and push you to constant battles

Is it worth marrying a narcissist?

A modern narcissus is a character, in fact, socially accepted. Narcissists are usually active, ambitious, intelligent, charming and creative people. How do you not like someone like that? How not to fall in love with him if, in addition, he is handsome? A woman in love cannot see, however, that the chosen man is inward-looking and self-lovingly selfish. Women like this often make a huge mistake marrying him, without waiting an appropriate amount of time for the spell to disappear to see him objectively. Relationship tips for women and men here.

What makes narcissus

Narcissus is convinced of his uniqueness and outstanding abilities. He values ​​above all his own beauty and power of influencing people. He is extremely proud of his talents, which he often uses to manipulate people. He only spends time with people similar to him - unique, rich, of high positions; if he hasn’t done it yet, he will give everything to be in this group of people. A narcissist has a great need for recognition from others, must be the center of attention and if he isn’t, he is offended, aggressive and cruelly nasty or cynical. In addition – he does not tolerate criticism but is extremely critical of others. He expects special treatment because he is convinced that he is right.. What is worst - he is an insincere and deceitful man, who uses others to achieve his own goals. And finally - he lacks empathy, is completely self-centered, he doesn’t think or care what others are thinking or feeling. He speaks and thinks only about himself.Can you imagine being married to someone like that?! This sends shivers down the spine at the thought of it.

A wolf in a sheep's skin

Narcissus can be charming, seducing and delightful. He is often the life of the party and the women cling to him like a moth to a lamp. They end up like the proverbial moth. They think they met a prince from a fairy tale, which is only a little "blind" because he talks only about himself. But they forgive him a lot, because "he is so wonderful," charming, gallant, therefore has the right to be a bit cocky. Narcissus is not a conventional man who can sometimes be rough, ribald, sometimes a little abrupt and wild. Narcissus is the opposite. If you've had a childhood Barbie, I'm sure you remember her plastic companion, Ken. Narcissus is quite similar to him. He is a little out of this world and this is tempting for women. Narcissus combines something from Superman, playboy, Don Juan, only he is self-centered, and not giving making those assets available for women. Because narcissus is completely in love with himself, he loves to love himself.

You will not change narcissus

Narcissus has two faces - people love him, because he seems to be the epitome of what everyone is dreaming of. In turn, the second face, "home", will bring you a shiver of despair and bring millions of disappointments every day. With him you will never develop, will not blossom, you will be no one. He will repeatedly belittle your achievements, abilities, beauty - if you happen to be better at something than he is and he will want to destroy you. You'll have to be his forever clapping audience. He will not let you step out of his shadow and you will not be able to change it at all. Do not expect that he will split his love in half and give you what you deserve. He has and will always have only one love.


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