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Bride's Calendar, Part 2

If the bride starts to prepare well in advance for her big day, she can be sure that she will look, simply speaking, out of this world. Unfortunately, preparations require quite a number of treatments, they are time consuming and you have to spend a lot of energy on arranging and executing them. But - every woman who tried to adhere to our advice, stunned the future husband and guests with her beauty.

Going back to the topic - what to do when a big day is fast approaching? What are the perfect wedding makeup tips?

Week to the wedding

A) Epilation

Legs, armpits, forearms and bikini areas needs to be taken care of a week before the wedding. It is best to carry out this procedure at a beauty salon. Homemade solutions can let you down.

B) Shaping eyebrows

Another procedure, which under no circumstances should be done at home is eyebrow shaping and tinting. Again it is worth visiting an experienced beautician. Nicely curved eyebrows emphasize the look, make the face appear more expressive and well-groomed.

C) Tanning

Take two short sessions at a tanning studio. Of course, make sure, prior to that, you exfoliate your whole body to make the tan uniform achieve a natural look.

Make-up and hairstyle trials

A week before the wedding it is worth having a makeup and hairstyle trial. Then there will be plenty of time to change the plan if needed. Do not decide to do this on your wedding day to save yourself unnecessary stress.

The day before the wedding

This is the time for the last preparations. Manicure and pedicure, of course, carried out in the salon. And for dessert a relaxing and soothing massage.

In the evening - prepare a makeup bag, gather in it all the necessary cosmetics that will be used to touch up your makeup during the day. You need to have lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, powder and wipes.

On the wedding day

Be sure to take a refreshing shower, moisturise your body with a lotion, apply a moisturising face mask to your face and follow up with an eye cream.

First, get your hair ready then the make up. Never in reverse order, because the makeup will come off your face while you have your hair done.

Spray perfume on your neck, wrists, ankles and places under your knees. Sprinkle perfume in front of you and then walk into the mist. Afterwards put your dress on. Enter this new and wonderful world all beautiful and fragrant, looking like a real princess.


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