Relationship advice for women and men - being single is not that easy

Single - alone by choice or constraint

Women's magazines online point out an interesting thing (based on a study) – in the last few years there was a large group of people created, who call themselves single. Those are the people who chose to live alone. Usually singles are the object of envy, by people who are in long term relationships and are stuck in a rut. Should they really be envious of singles?

I am single… because that’s my fate

Many studied singles are people who openly say that they didn’t choose this path. They say they haven’t met the right person yet. Others, were so hurt when they split up with their ex or a bad, platonic love, that they were put off from being with someone.

Others fall in love unluckily, usually with friends who they know for years. They treat them like soul mates, they know everything about each other. But this does not guarantee a relationship. All of a sudden it turns out that a friend states that they are in a relationship with someone else. And a single can’t do anything.

I am single… because I want to be

This group of singles take their lives in their own hands, they don’t blame their loneliness on others. Those singles say they are not actually lonely. They live independently, without an attachment to others because that is their choice. They like freedom, they can be with who they want, how long they want. They do not have to declare anything, promise long relationships. They live in the moment. People like this usually have many friends, they lead an active work life and travel. They feel completed.

I am single… because this is comfortable

The third group of singles are a connection between the first two groups. They don’t like it when others interfere in their lives. They have their habits, their daily routine and their own flat, which they don’t want to share with anyone. They say they can’t compromise, don’t want to share their lives with anyone, because they would have to accommodate others; and the same, in their mind, lose too much.

Those people think that by not forming any attachments with others, they will feel lonely, but any possible relationships can lead to unhappiness. Being on their own is, like they say, the less of two evils. No one can hurt them and they will hurt no one.

Those singles also love enjoying their lives, but they are far more careful in making crazy decisions. They look around with fear of other people getting to close to them.


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