Relationship tips and advice - Work on a relationship requires great, daily involvement

A few truths about a good marriage

When people fall in love, they live in this magical conviction that this kind of love will last forever. And here, the horror; hormones calm down, feelings stop running high, all the extraordinary emotions calm down and it is time to stand face to face with the other person. Only then do you have a chance to see if you can build a good relationship. Here is some relationship advice for women and men.

Work every day - like a job

We are very sorry to write this, but it is the same thing working on a relationship and working professionally. You have to give it equal commitment, every day, day after day. Do not kid yourself, it will not happen on its own. If you think otherwise, you become victims of the marriage mythology.

Husband after marriage cannot be "changed"

One of the circulating opinions says that a woman will do anything after the wedding in order to change her husband into a new man. And this, unfortunately, is really true. The question then is why did she ever get married, if she wants to change her chosen man?

If you fell in love with a person, then you should love them the way thy are, be content with their faults, and if you are really not happy with some of them, try to modify them through conversation and discussions. It may work if your other half wants to change. You both have to decide how much of yourself you can devote to the other person, in order to live a happy life together.

On the other hand, you also have to remember that both of you need your own space and time to fulfill your needs. Unfortunately, you are not the same, so you have to give yourself a little slack.

Power of trust

No relationship has a chance of survival unless it contains honesty, support and trust. Without them, love does not last and it will turn into a path of humiliation, suspicion and cruelty.

If you trust your partner, you know you can come to them with any trouble, that they will support you through life’s ups and downs and that they will stand by your side even when the whole world will be against you. What else do you need? This is an another principle of a good relationship - "I will always stand by your side".

Always together?

Not necessarily. It is difficult to be constantly attractive to the other person if you spend all the time together. Of course, such a relationship also has many advantages. But, we all know, only a few can afford such a thing. Thanks to the short time spent apart, the possibility of spending time together is even more attractive. You can miss the other person, get ready for when you will see them, then tell them about what you have done during the day. You can constantly re-discover each other in this way and surprise each other by your openness to the world and change.


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