Showing affection in public is still a controversial issue

Kissing in public

Young people very often tend to show affection to each other in public. Many of us take this behaviour with a pinch of salt. After all, they’re young, so why shouldn’t they enjoy themselves?

Scientists claim that showing affection in public places is nothing harmful until it’s not too demonstrative. So, where’s the boundary?

Times have changed

According to experts on good manners, our public behaviours mustn’t make others feel embarrassed or awkward. Mass-media tend to promote a lifestyle that is very open and sometimes crosses the boundaries of intimacy. However, such behaviours among young people happen occasionally. Nevertheless, we need to keep in mind that times have changed. Things that had been considered as offensive in the past are something normal today.

Psychologists claim that tolerance towards showing affection in public is much higher than it was in the past few decades. Older generations just have to deal with it and learn to tolerate such behaviours. This seems to be the only way because any restrictions usually don’t do their job. It doesn’t matter that showing affection in public was out of the question in the mid-twentieth century. Times have changed.

Enough is enough

We can’t blame people who see a couple behaving demonstratively on a train or on a bus for feeling uncomfortable. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in delicate kisses, which can be considered cute by most people.

However, as soon as showing affection to one another looks like a foreplay, it’s starting to get awkward. So, should you pretend that you don’t see this (which is very difficult), or should you react somehow?

Lack of respect

People who are too aggressive, as well as too demonstrative in showing their affection, most often just lack manners. Making others feel awkward in a, supposedly, neutral zone on purpose is simply disrespectful.


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