relationship tips forwomen- by following simple dating rules, you can get the man you want

How to get a man - let him show off

Men want to be seen as the ones who do well in life and are able to solve problems. That is why their brains specialise in looking for solutions. In addition, every man will naturally want to protect weaker beings, amongst others, women. I know it can be frustrating but is hard to question mens’ nature. This is extremely important especially when considering first dates. Here some relationship advicefor women from men.

Pretend to be the vulnerable girl

Maybe not exactly. We are talking about going on a few dates and not showing your date that you are a person who is extremely self sufficient, until your man becomes comfortable with you. If you are a strong, independent and a liberated woman, change your ways for a little while. Keep in line your usual habit of managing others, deciding about everything and everyone. It may not be an entirely easy thing, but it can be an interesting and pleasant experience. Simply allow yourself to be spoilt and enjoy the moment. Let the man of your dreams feel that he can take care of you.

Don’t be a Rambo or a Superwoman

It is obvious that modern women are able to manage on their own. We, women, know that often we manage better than men, but let this remain our secret.

Many are not surprised what kind of things can be found in a woman’s bag. My friend even carries a screwdriver with her, because often she has to battle with her car that is falling apart.

Therefore, when you are leaving on a date, do a mini spring clean of your handbag. Throw away everything that protects you from every life obstacle and problem. Take out both umbrellas, your cape, second pair of shoes, super glue, taser and other useful objects. In case any turbulence happens in your life, you can rely on your guy. Let him catch a taxi for you when it starts raining. He can carry you in his arms if you break your shoe heel.

Allow him to spoil you

At least for a while remember that you are a woman, always perceived by civilization as the weaker sex. Use it to your advantage. Sit in the car as long as it is needed until the man will open the door for you. Don’t give him a bad look when he will chivalrously let you go first through the door or a restaurant or moves the chair for you. Don’t clench your fists when he will order the wine on his own.

Stop yourself from wanting to slap him when he kisses your hand. Be for a while the woman from a picture, the one men like the most.

And the last words of comfort - Play with being this delicate and beautiful princess. There will come an appropriate time to change the roles.


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