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Shall we go on a date? Making the first steps

If you looked through the history of dating you would find how massively how dates have evolved. In the past you had to meet a lot of criteria and follow certain rules, go through a complicated ritual to get the loved woman. This ritual was for a man. The woman was meant to watch his attempts to woo her and wait to see what comes out of it. Luckily, now, Bien Magazine reveals how it is all different.

Easier or harder?

Together with equal rights the rules of the game have changed. Now either the man or the woman can invite the other for a date, yet many women still prefer to be invited. This way they feel they are in control of the situation – they can agree or decline, sometimes torment the admirer to check his intentions.

On the other hand, the fact that women can invite men out makes it easier for many guys. Some of the men were so terribly scared of making the first step that they ended up not making any. They were consumed by shyness and doubt whether they will be rejected if they propose a date. In this situation the fact that the woman would come out with the initiative would be very beneficial.

Woman invites for a date – pros

The fact that these days it is acceptable for a woman to invite a man simplifies everything. The woman does not have to wait until the person she is after will pay attention to her. She does not need to waste time trying to make the man that she likes notice her. She does not have to worry whether he will find her attractive, whether he would make the first step. She can come with the idea and find out what this will bring.

Woman invites for a date – cons

The equal rights also bring with them the fact that the woman who invites a guy on a date has to face everything that the men used to go through when trying to steal a woman’s heart. She needs to be prepared to be rejected and this hurts. On the other hand it is better to find out straight away that the date outcome will not be positive than to helplessly wait until the man will make the first step.

Date mock, or how to reduce the disappointment

If you are afraid of straight rejection, you are not sure whether the guy you like will react positively to the suggestion of a date, play an innocent game. Tell him that as it happens, completely by accident, you have a spare ticket to the cinema or an amusement park and if he feels like it he can join you. If he agrees – you won. If he declines, you won’t feel so bad comparing to if he declined to go out on a date with you.


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