Relationship advice for men, in order to become a real Don Juan, learn how women operate

How to get a girl?

If you're constantly tormented with thoughts of never getting a girlfriend, you have to ask yourself a few simple questions. Primarily, have you ever tried getting a girl? This may seem funny, but many men who despair about not having a woman, have actually never tried getting one.

However, if your answer to the above question is “yes,” but you didn't succeed, try thinking about your methods. Perhaps you rely on the male point of view too much? Maybe you have forgotten, but ladies have different expectations regarding their dream guy than you think. Women don't really care if you're handsome or athletic. That's trivial. The thing they're after is your personality and what it has to offer. Read on for our hot relationship tips for men.

Non-macho macho man

If you want to get a woman, you will have to become her dream guy. This is quite a demanding task. A woman wants her man to be firm, tough and invincible. He must give her the feeling of security. This doesn't mean you have to be 7 foot tall and have muscles of Hercules. It's all about your personality. Your self-confidence will be sufficient for a woman. Although, it wouldn't hurt you to work on your muscles a little bit.

There's also the other side of this coin – you have to be sensitive and understanding. This gives a total picture of a non-macho macho man. Every man should be a tough guy. Nevertheless, it's possible to combine the aforementioned features. Keep in mind that women usually like when you try to win them, take care of them and listen to them. Once you start doing all these things, you may become a real catch.

Listen to her opinion

You should listen to the things a woman tells you. This is very important for them. Women love to talk – it's in their DNA. This is why they appreciate men who know how to listen but also are good conversation partners. Be honest with a woman and tell her about the things that bother you (be careful not to exaggerate and don't tell her about all your weaknesses.) Show her that you're a human being too.

Keep in mind that when having a conversation, you two are partners. Take her opinion into consideration and try to understand her point of view. However, don't treat everything she says as sacred. Nobody likes a yes person.

Show initiative

Take her to interesting places, show her the things that interest you. However, you should also listen to her needs and try to fulfil her dreams and desires. Make her feel taken care of.

You also mustn't take her to places in which she doesn't want to be. Save her the events that you like and she doesn't. Try to find a compromise.


When getting a woman, you need to “lose” a part of yourself. You need to become more flexible. This is because she's more important in this relationship than you are. Keep this in mind and try adjusting yourself to her. Of course, this works both ways, but in the beginning, try putting your needs aside. You're the one that has to make efforts and this includes making her feel important.


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