online dating tips, the perfect man is not the beautiful one but the one who is good and smart

Do perfect men exist?

When we go out on a date we always anticipate meeting a person that we dreamed about for years. Unfortunately this perception can bring many disappointments. On one hand we create the ideal image of our perfect future partner; on the other hand the world uses many stereotypes which are far from reality. Read on for some relationship advice for women.

Manly, strong, kind and good for his woman

Many women think that an ideal man must be manly, which means hard core and unstoppable and on the other hand kind and soft like a little lamb; gentle and sensitive. So the perfect man has to have in him all the contrasting character traits. When he happens to be angry or when he is in a bad mood, he straight away stops being the ideal guy. Therefore he might as well stop being a human. He would have no weaknesses, better or worse mood or daily issues which annoy all of us every now and again. Then he would definitely be strong and soft, manly and sensitive in the same time.

He listens and understands

Another stereotype tells a man to be an amazing listener to all of women’s complaints. But we need to ask a question – what does he sometimes have to listen to? About a broken shoe heel, that the handbag and a scarf don’t go together, that your best friend bought the dress you liked first. Is this really interesting for him? If it has to be, then you listen about which football team won and why, how your ideal man will take apart the old motorcycle engine and what will need changing there. Listen how amazingly good he is at diving, when you cannot swim.

Doesn’t criticise

If you are expecting your ideal partner to not criticize, you then set the boundaries – tell him straight away what you will not listen to and tolerate because it is hurting you and is offensive. Honestly declare what criticism you are not going to put up with.

Is he supposed to not criticise at all? This means he is not that interested in you and you and your behavior are indifferent to him or he is a frightened boy who is afraid of you. In both cases this is not a relationship but a failure.

Comforts like a best friend

As soon as men hear about problems they look for solutions. This is their nature and you cannot change it. If you want to complain about your horrible boss then ring your girlfriend, because your partner will inform you straight away what you should do about this. He does not do this to show you how useless you are and that you cannot cope, but he comforts you this way, in a man way. By doing this he shows you that he cares about you.

That is your ideal guy. Let them live in comic books, fairytales and legends. You are left with true-born men with their faults, virtues and their point of view. So answering the question in the title; if you choose to look for an ideal man, you need to look for him between all the normal guys.


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