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Music at the wedding

The wedding should be a celebration that is marked with carefree joy, dance and a sense of freedom. Guests should have such a wonderful time so they remember your wedding as one of the best events for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the truth is that sometimes wedding parties are a pure disaster. Guests sit at the tables with sad faces, do not enjoy themselves and make it seem as if the whole thing is terribly tiring for them. To avoid such a situation one must try to find the appropriate musical setting - as it is, music is a great inspiration for fun. You can also think whether to decide on the presence of a master of the ceremony. Bien Magazine is here to advise. 

Master of ceremony at the wedding

A master of ceremony is a specific character. They take on a difficult task of involving guests, making them feel good and responding to their recommendations. It is important that the master of ceremony does not impose their will on the guests and does not make everyone participate in games, if they see someone is absolutely not interested. Unfortunately, there some masters of ceremonies who forget that they should be the background to the event, not its central point and who are drowning the young couple with their presence. If you decide to employ a master of ceremony at you wedding, make sure you choose someone with relevant experience, personal culture and great intuition. You will certainly get help with the choice by following the opinions of others, who could recommend someone they used.

It must be remembered that - although the master of ceremony is much cheaper than the music band - he plays the music from the discs or computer. They do not play any instrument, because that is not their role. You can agree upfront what kind of music you would like them to play. A good master of ceremony knows when to change to the different music genre - they watch the guests and react to their behaviour straight away.

DJ at the wedding

Others decide to just get a DJ, assuming no one is needed at the wedding to entertain the guests. Such option is often chosen by young people who have invited mostly people their age. The problem starts when there are people of different ages in the room. Then modern music proposed by the DJ can be a barrier for fun.

Music band

Here the most important is the vocal - someone who has to accompany you all through this very important night, must have a voice that you will like. To choose the right band, it is important to listen to the songs that bands put on their websites. You can also ask the band for a video sample from someone's wedding to see if they interacted well with the guests.


There are weddings where a real orchestra is chosen. However, here you have to remember that guests come to the wedding to have fun instead of listening to the concert. If you wish to have a wedding party where everyone is sitting down and listening to contemplative music, then this is something for you. However, if you want movement, dance, joy and madness at the reception – choosing an orchestra is certainly not a good idea.


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