Personal development tips how to concentrate on the task at hand the sooner you will complete it

How to focus on your work and act more effectively

Many people have a terrible problem with meeting deadlines at work. They are sitting on something all day long, and then it turns out that, although they did something during that time, they did not succeed in fulfilling their tasks. This, unfortunately, does not bode well for a future career or even a job position. What happens, that after 8 hours in front of the computer you feel that you have not moved forward with your work?

Check what distracts you

To find out what your problem is, you must take a very hard look at your own actions. Seriously - because you cannot justify yourself. Well, look the truth in the eye. How many times a day are you checking Facebook or other social networking sites? How long does it take you? How many times do you take a "break" to surf the Internet? How many times do you get up from your desk just to take a break from a job you did not even properly start? Do you make a list of tasks and plan actions for yourself?

Unfortunately, our mind manifests a great and indomitable desire to escape from difficult work, which requires focusing and concentrating thoughts on one problem. That is why it is so tempting to break off from this activity. The effect, however is that these tasks are growing, piling up dangerously high and at the end of the week or month you end up with everything at home. It does not need to happen like this at all.

What do you do then, to increase your concentration on work? Our personal development top tips will help.

If possible, turn the Internet off

If your work does not require continuous action online, disable your email and close the web browser. We know it is difficult, we are all addicts, we are constantly drawn to to the Internet. But never mind - there will be time for pleasure after work. Focus only on what you have to do. In your mind, cultivate future moments online, imagine how nice it will be to bury yourself in online shopping or browsing without the burden of knowing that you still have something to do. Treat this time as a reward waiting for you.

Turn off the phone

If you do not have to be non-stop by the phone, turn it off for work. You will read messages later.

Remember, everything, even the smallest gesture that distracts you from your work, delays the final effect. Realise, with all your power, that you are doing yourself harm and act against yourself. When you focus on something, you create a compact sequence of thoughts that will allow you to reach your goal and complete the task. When something gets you out of this rhythm, you need to consume a lot more energy to get back to the same action. Therefore – isolate your phone, at this stage it is your enemy.

Control the tidiness of your desk

Although you may think that this is not your problem, you need to understand that chaos on your desk is extremely distracting. It pulls your eyes to it, although you do not even control it. By having a tidy work space, you save time spent on work.

Create a task list

We have written about this in detail in another article. Here we will just add that this list, best prepared a day in advance or in the morning of the given day, should be with you at all times and you can cross off all the tasks achieved. It is extremely motivating and encourages you to concentrate on your work. You see how much you have already achieved. You know how soon you will be able to surf online, check Facebook etc.

Diversify the positions in which you work

Occasionally change position at your desk. If you have the ability to work standing up, do it. From time to time get up, stretch and take a break. But stop working only when you finalise certain actions. If that is not possible, set the deadlines for the break and keep to them. The brain just takes a moment to regenerate and allow you to continue working efficiently.


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