personal development tips, there are situations that should not even be called stressful – you have to recognise these

How to prevent stressful situations, part 1

We react to a reality in different ways. There are situations that put us in a good mood, or even euphoria. However, if we take a good look at our lives, work, household chores and relationships with others, we will find that we often react negatively to different situations. People are stressed beyond measure, often unnecessarily. The problem is that we react to different stimuli impulsively, often we do not think whether our reaction is logical and do we really need to stress. We also cannot control the reactions occurring in our body, which were somehow taught the stress reactions. Hence our lives are nearly a continuous stress cycle. The bad news is that we mostly deliver it upon ourselves. We are the "producers", "wholesale" and "suppliers” of our own stress. Do not worry, Bien Magazine can help.

When should you allow yourself to stress?

You have to do something with the levels of stress – therefore you must separate serious from small situations, that absolutely and under no circumstances should cause any stress, because either they can be solved right away or you do not have the slightest influence on the matter. There are other situations where stress is, in a way, a necessary spur to action. In life-threatening situations stress is essential, as it allows you to save yourself - even to flee from the oncoming car that enters the pavement. Adrenaline and stress of this situation will make you react quickly and intuitively. However, we are more interested in daily stress, caused by millions of little things.

Do not exaggerate the situation

This is the first and basic principle of skillfully coping with stress. When something unpleasant but trivial happens to you, do not get driven up. You lost your lipstick? You hit yourself painfully in the knee? Do not make a tragedy or a scandal out of this. Do not allow your body to feel that something is wrong, because it will learn those reactions and then, with every little situation, it will give you a squueze in your stomach and the impression of the world ending, when for example you break a nail. Control the small situations that irritate you, because they do not deserve to stress over them. Remember that every manifestation of stress is a direct attack on your body and subconscious.

Difficult situations and stress

Often something unexpected happens, against your plans and expectations – this is a natural situation, life from time and time writes such scenarios. When that happens, take a few deep breaths before you start to go crazy with stress and try to answer a few questions: Does this situation threaten my life and health? Do I have any influence on the current situation? How can I solve it and how much strength and time do I put into it?

If the situation does not threaten your life and health, it means that you can definitely approach it as peacefully as possible. The most important is not to come up with "bad scenarios" and not create terrible aura and cultivate pessimism. It may quickly turn out that the situation will solve itself, and quite well, by the way, without your participation. What was the point of stressing?

If the problem can be solved, make a list of what you need to do to get out of this difficult situation. Making a list will calm your brain, because you show it that there is a solution. Stress will be replaced with the need for action.


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