Tips for child care and first days in kindergarten, which are equally hard for the children as well as their parents

Terrible first days in kindergarten

The first few days in kindergarten are incredibly important. Whether or not the child will find its place, feel safe, will be satisfied with the company of other children and babysitters can affect the whole stay in the nursery. Unfortunately, wrong adaptation to the kindergarten may result in a long-term trauma. Therefore, you need to think over this important moment carefully and properly play out the first meeting of the kindergarten to maintain a healthy lifestyle for children.

Adapting together

There are kindergartens which allow parents to stay with their child during the first few days. The process of child’s acclimatisation cannot last too long, but this is an excellent solution for highly stressed children, who have a big problem with separation from their parents.

If you choose to enroll your child into this kind of nursery, where you share with your toddler the first few days of acclimatisation, you must remember the cardinal rule - under no circumstances should you question the opinion of the nanny or move your child away from new friends. The only thing you have left is to sit on the side and observe your child in the new environment.

You must stick to promises

Regardless of whether a child will go to a normal kindergarten, or one in which they allow the adaptation along with a parent, you need to stick to the basic principles that will help your child get used to the new environment.

The fundamental thing is you must not disappoint the child. If you promise that you will come at a certain time, even if the world is falling apart, you must be on time. Otherwise, the child will go though trauma, especially if it is sensitive and separation from a parent is difficult for them. If something comes up, be sure to call the nursery and ask the teacher to pre-warn your child about this. You must not, under any circumstances, sentence it to fear and guessing what happened to you, when you're not there at the agreed time.

Let your child have something familiar with it

To make it easier for the child to be alone in the new world, let them have something of yours - eg. your scarf that smells like you, or their favorite toy or object, which they not do not separate from. Let your child carry something familiar with them and the adaptation will be a lot simpler.

Leave and do not look back

Many parents struggle to survive the first day of their child in kindergarten. They cannot leave, they keep looking in to see how the toddler is doing, they are afraid of its failure. Unfortunately, this is not a solution. When your child is accustomed to the new environment, you have to say goodbye to it, clearly define the time when you come back and ... leave without looking back.

The second important point - even if the child is not very fond of kindergarten, do not allow them to have a break from it because eventually the toddler will adapt to the new situation.


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