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Why are fairy tales so significant?

Scientists have proven that reading fairy tales to children has many advantages. Of course, there are parents who are concerned that some stories contain too much cruelty and violence. Therefore, they don't seem to be appropriate for little children. In reality, it's quite the opposite. Whether we like this or not, children are full of different emotions. These emotions will not disappear, regardless of parents' endeavours. Here some tips for child care and developing little ones.

Benefits from the fairy tale monsters

Fairy tales do not increase fears, but they help children to overcome them. A child doesn't understand its own emotions and doesn't know how to define them. This is where fairy tales come in. Not only do they give fears a particular form (of a witch, a dragon, a monster, etc.), but they also show that you can always win against the forces of evil. Children find such stories very supportive. Fairy tales give them a feeling of power to defeat evil – both external and internal.

A comprehensive textbook

Bruno Bettelheim was a psychologist who had examined the therapeutic aspects of fairy tales. He claimed that they are very comprehensive for children because they present reality in a form of pictures. This is the only form of communication that allows children to know themselves, as well as the others.

If you want your children to develop correctly, as well as to gain the ability to analyse the reality, you should read them fairy tales.

Psychologists on fairy tales

Scientists emphasise that every child who listens to fairy tales has better chances of putting their emotions in order. Fairy tales also help them to be more self-confident, as well as to be brave enough to face even the most demanding problems. Such children are more optimistic about their future. This is because fairy tales teach them that we make our own destiny and that friendship and empathy, are important in life.

Nevertheless, parents must keep one thing in mind – it's vital to read your children the original fairy tales, instead of their new versions. This is because they very often take a form of shallow previews and do not fulfill a crucial role that a fairy tale has.


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