bien magazine, there is no season which would prevent taking the baby out for a walk with their parents

Winter walks with a child

Pediatricians say that the more fresh air a baby takes in, the better its immune system will be and it will be healthier. Young children should be outdoors for at least an hour a day. Optimally, it is recommended to walk outside even for two-three hours. Of course, it does not matter what the time of year is and what the weather is like. You can shorten the walk when it is very frosty outside, extremely windy or there is a rainstorm. In the past such recommendations were natural. Now parents need to be advised that a child needs to be out in the fresh air every day. Here some tips for child care and entertainment even in cold weather.

Toddler on the porch or balconyIf it just happens that you do not get the chance to take your baby for a walk, you can place the stroller by the open balcony door, on the terrace or in the garden. Dress the baby warmly, but without undue exaggeration and you must be careful not to let direct sunlight shine on its face. The toddler will get a perfect sleep in fresh air, better than being in your arms.

Older child on a walk

Children of six months and older treat their walk as a chance to explore the world. They do not sleep on a walk as long as the infants, because they want to watch it. They are busy, so you cannot leave them alone. It is worth changing the walking routes; take the baby for a walk in the stroller, baby carrier or a sling in order to introduce variety. Just remember to protect the hands and feet of the little traveler because they can quickly become frozen.

Sports walk

It became very popular to do some kind of sport with a small child. You can meet parents running and pushing in front of them with a suspension, all-terrain stroller. For a toddler it will be a good entertainment. It turns out that many will sleep soundly during the activity.

There are also specially tailored carts for children that are attached to bicycles, which create a safe space for the baby, helping it to view the world.

Dressing the baby for a walk

The simplest and best way to dress your child for a walk is dressing in layers. At the moment when it is too warm, you can always take something off. You have to remember to cover its face with a cream with an SPF  and from time to time check whether the child is not sweating or freezing.


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