women's health magazine - unhealthy food at work can cause stomach and weight problems in the future

What you shouldn’t eat at work

At work we usually spend even 10 hours a day. Our duties are stressful, require a lot of energy - so during breaks, you have to eat. You must remember, however, that stuffing your stomach with unhealthy foods or beverages will take its toll on you. Yes, at the time when you eat something really unhealthy or drink a fizzy drink, you provide the body with energy. Such unhealthy foods are also a kind of consolation or a prize for perseverance at work for so many hours. But you forget how, in the long run, this will take its toll. The question is, is it worth eating unhealthily at work? Tips for healthy living below.

Serious problem - skipping breakfast

Many, unfortunately, don’t want to get up earlier in the morning, they have no time for breakfast before work. They skip this most important meal of the day. The most important, because the body after a night’s sleep demands carbohydrates. It is hard to concentrate without breakfast. Therefore it is worth, even if it costs you a reduction in snooze time, take care of a nutritious breakfast. This will protect you from snacking at work.

If you are little lazy and love to lie to the last alarm clock bell, prepare all the necessary ingredients for breakfast in the evening.

Sweetened beverages drunk at work

If for 8 hours at work you only drink sweetened beverages, coffee, tea, coke or juices, you can fool your stomach that it will not feel hungry. However, this way, instead of the nutritious food, you provide it with caffeine and sugar. After a time, your stomach will rebel, and you'll also have to fight the few extra pounds. Therefore, try, although it is not easy, to drink, above all water. Lightly carbonated or even better, still. Limit to a minimum, adding sugar to coffee or tea.

Lack of fruits and vegetables

Occasionally we take to work vegetables and not too often, fruit. Nutritionists say you should eat 5 servings of them a day. You should purchase a plastic container, which have waiting for you pieces of peeled carrots, kohlrabi, or another favorite vegetable. It is important to eat every day at work an apple, pear or banana. You can also bring a vegetable salad.


Snacking on sweets

Snacking on sweets, chocolate bars, donuts or pastries at work gives us a  sense of blocking out our hunger and apparent satiety. This, unfortunately, is a fleeting feeling, because after eating a portion of sweetness you quickly become more hungry than before eating it. Therefore, you should prepare an extra sandwich, banana, favorite fruit or dried fruits or nuts, so when you crave something sweet you eat something prepared at home, from a healthy set.

Fast food

Avoid McDonald's, KFC or pizzerias. Fast foods are sources of empty calories and large amounts of fat. This food lacks minerals and vitamins – which means as a result after lunch, or dinner, you will feel quite heavy and sleepy. It is worth finding a restaurant or salad bar near to your work, where they serve as healthy dishes as possible, salads, and homemade dinners.


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