Relationship tips for women - a man's brain concentrates on one thing at a time

Honey, we ran out of cheese

Without doubt, every one of us has at least once or twice gone mad when their man with helplessness in their voice stated, looking out from behind the fridge door; “the cheese has run out and there was loads of it yesterday, all five types”. Men are put together in a way that their brain treats something that permanently changed place, as lost. If that wasn’t bad enough, they go deaf every now and again when they do something and do not react to any calls.

How do you cope with this? How do you not go mad and attack a guy for how mother nature created them? Bien magazine tries to find out.

Phantom cheese

Men’s problems with the contents of a fridge became the topic of jokes across the world. When the block of cheese that was always on the third shelf from the top on the right hand side moves to the second shelf on the left, it will become lost. Even though the guy checks the whole fridge and looks at the cheese about three hundred times he will not find it. His brain learnt where the cheese resides all the time. If you want to trick him and have a great fun whilst doing it, move the things that have a permanent place somewhere else and ask him to find them.

That’s why men are terribly scared when women tidy up because then everything vanishes from the horizon; note pad from the desk, tools from the garage. Men then get lost and cannot find anything. He then starts to think that someone robbed him or people are playing a dirty joke on him.

It is not their fault that their brains work this way. That’s why you shouldn’t get annoyed and constantly argue with him when he hysterically approaches you with news that someone ate all the cheese or stole the tools from the garage.

He concentrated so much, he went deaf

The second, very important comment – men’s brain works on one line. There is a problem, he will solve it. Then he moves on to the next one. It is the same with any other life bahaviours. When a man reads a book, plays a game, browses the internet, he becomes deaf. Completely and utterly. He concentrates so much on what he is doing, focuses on what he watches that the ability to hear anything else switches off. You can talk to him all you like, call him, shout at him and he will not react.

You are ignoring me

In those situations many women, for who drinking coffee, listening to an audiobook and knitting in the same time are something completely natural, becomes infuriated. They are under the impression that their men are purposely ignoring them, to hurt them or they are not willing to help with a request or complete a household chore.

The poor guy doesn’t even know that someone called him because he didn’t hear anything. After half an hour he will shake off and realize that someone wanted something from him and will ask: “Honey, did you say something?”

You have to allow the man’s brain to react naturally , only then your will your man be ready to communicate. You can also shake him gently to draw his attention but refrain from shouting at them because this is unfair.


Author: Bien Magazine

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