Relationship tips for women and men for when a relationship or a marriage seems to be falling apart

Signals announcing relationship break up - Part 1

You have to take care of your relationship every day, you need to learn your own reactions, building bonds, because all of this will not work all alone. When we say this out loud, we know we can get many opponents to our theory. Nevertheless - we know what we say and let the unaware think what they want.

Something that is not taken care of, which does not have great importance, has little or no chance to develop. So - it is hardly surprising that in the relationship itself, signals appear showing that something is not right. We will devote two texts from this series to this exact problem.

First indicator - accusations

If in a relationship two parties stop talking and the partners start attacking each other, accusing the other one for doing every little thing wrong, the power of such habits can grow to such an extent that the relationship will fall apart. Accusations are the first signal that a relationship is at risk.

Criticism, expressing contempt and indifference

The second signal is experiencing many negative feelings towards the partner. This turns into criticising them, seeing only their weaknesses, pointing out mistakes and in the end everything turns into a cruel indifference to everything the other person does. There may even be open hostility towards any reaction of the other person.

Tons of negative feelings

Staying in the wrong relationship for too long, in which partners begin to despise each other, can cause a continuous flood of bad feelings. You cannot think about them without disgust, anger or aggression. The only reaction to their appearance is the desire to leave the room, or to ignore them. This is a clear signal that things are bad.

Inability to communicate

If every conversation, from small to an important one, starts with an attack and ends with a sharp exchange of arguments or a fiery quarrel, a vicious circle begins. The more disgruntled partners are, the more often they want to prove to each other how pathetic the other person is. In this situation there is no chance for a discussion.

Destruction of memories

Another symptom - usually appearing after the ones described above - partners forget that they were once in love and would do anything for each other. They begin to poison their own memories with their anger and disappointment. They do not remember what was good, they only bring to light what had hurt them.

Withdrawal from the relationship

At this stage there may no longer be arguments or aggression, the are replaced with great, painful and cruel indifferences. Both partners retreated emotionally from the relationship. They do not talk because they know that nothing will come out of it, they both feel disappointed.

Then what?

If you notice in your relationship one or two symptoms of disintegration, it is good to address them and fight for your marriage. There are, unfortunately, such couples that experienced all the symptoms and their relationship is a ruin. They struggle together, although they should have parted a long time ago.


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