tips for child care and how to deal with a stubborn child

How to deal with a stubborn child

The most primitive method of battling a child’s stubbornness is attack, aggression and punishment inadequate to the situation or an offense. In this way we build in the consciousness of our child a sense that it has to be like everybody else and accept what the world imposes on it. This is one of the easiest ways to kill in a child the sense of individuality and the desire to look for its own way of life in the future. Here some top tips for child care and good behaviour management.

Donkey's stubbornness or justified grievances?

You have to learn, long and carefully by observing your child, how it reacts to commands and restrictions imposed on it. It may be that not every attack of rage will be a nasty, pig-headedness, which is only there to make the life difficult for the whole family.

Children understand things simply and often more bluntly than adults. It can happen more than once that your child rebels against an injunction or a request but not because it wants to maliciously stick to its guns, or cause you distress. The child believes what you are saying is wrong or illogical. It is worth talking about it because it may turn out that they were right. Your child will perceive things that you, as a busy adult, may not see.

Children do not understand the many rules of social life

The child will sometimes push against the logic of life and its rules, which imposes the world. It is going against it because it does not understand why it has to adhere to the rules. Thus, for example, it may rebel against wearing clothes in public places, because it loves to be naked. In this situation, making a scene about stripping in the park or a church will not bring a lot of good. The child does not understand why you are getting angry. It needs everything simply and clearly explained.

Children do not understand what it means to compromise

It is hard to expect someone who is only just starting to get to know the world, to have the knowledge of all its rules and laws. What is obvious for an adult, who long ago extinguished his natural stubbornness and resistance, for a child is a reason to express dissatisfaction. The child does not agree to what doesn’t fit in with it, is against his beliefs, preferences or desires. The child knows no compromise, has no understanding that sometimes it cannot follow the chosen path, but one that is better for others. That's why you have to constantly and patiently explain the world to them, tell them what rights govern the world and how important it is to try to adjust.You should not uncritically and in a non-analytical way break in the child a sense of opposition, because you can destroy its personality. You have to let it express itself; you must also give them a choice.


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