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Most significant symptoms of a toxic relationship - Part two

Once people get stuck in a toxic relationship, life can be really difficult for them. They become miserable and cease to believe that anything good would ever happen to them. What's most terrifying is that most of such relationships end with a death of one of its parties. But this doesn't mean that the other person would begin to feel free. It's quite the opposite due to the constant feeling of guilt, which has been created in this relationship. Moreover, such person is burdened with a low self-esteem. Couldn't this entire situation have ended in a different way? Yes, it could have. All it takes is some action at the time when the first symptoms of a toxic relationship begin to appear and either save this relationship or end it.

Bien Magazine advises, for those who still have a chance to make things better, here are some symptoms that may indicate that your relationship is falling apart.

Creating a feeling of dependence

It's wrong when one party causes the other to feel like they are unable to make any decision on their own. Regardless of whether it's a financial dependence or a mental dependence, this is a form of slavery. Once you begin to feel such pressure, you may come to a conclusion that you have no basic rights. It's very difficult to drop such a feeling, especially when you constantly hear that you're too stupid and weak to take care of things on your own.

Attempts to change you

You can tell that a relationship becomes toxic when you or your life-partner begins to cross the boundaries. This means interfering in the way you dress or what perfumes you use. Moreover, if you don't do as your life-partner expects, you may meet with aggressive behaviours from their side. Some may consider this as a manifestation of concern, but it's not. This is especially when such behaviours occur too often and are too ostentatious.

Once the other person begins to attack your every opinion and wants it to be the same as theirs, this is a sign that he or she is trying to change you. In their opinion, you're just supposed to be a robot that can control easily. There are many ways for them to get what they want – aggression, sulking, yelling, etc.


Lies between life-partners are a clear symptom that there's no future for this relationship. Primarily, you lie when you're afraid of something and you have to admit that a life with someone who you're afraid of is not a happy one. Secondly, you lie when you want to deceive someone. This is nothing positive for a relationship either.

Terror and submission

When you're a person who is a victim of terror in a toxic relationship, you feel more and more miserable. However, you still have the hope that everything can be fixed. Therefore, you lose a piece of yourself each day – your beliefs, opinions, free will, habits. Unfortunately, this does not make things better, because your tyrant will never have enough. His or her goal is to destroy you completely.

There's only one way out and it's to end this relationship. It sounds quite simple, but it takes a lot of courage to do this.


Author: Bien Magazine

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