Bien Magazine advises, parents often forget that their children should make decisions about their weddings on their own

When will you finally invite us to your wedding?

Probably every adult, who is in a relationship herd at least once from their family or friends a question, which many find stressful. The question is: “When are you getting married?”

Asking a question like this is quite rude and in some circumstances even cruel. It put the person on the spot, requiring them to give an answer, often one which is expected of them. And here is the problem. Follow our relationship tips and advice for a better life.

How to answer a question about getting married?

If someone is not even thinking about a wedding, is with their partner for a short time or doesn’t feel the need to make their relationship formal, should answer, when asked about the wedding that it is no one’s business. No one has to explain themselves from their own, grown up decisions. And they should not feel bad when they have to give such a harsh answer.

Who is brave enough not to explain themselves to people?

This sentence, written above is a wishful thinking. There is a never-ending number of people who give in to family pressure, being afraid of their reaction and will answer that the wedding is being planned or will struggle to come up with some dates. And when they declare loudly that the wedding will be for example in a year’s time, they will fall into the family’s trap. They will start planning a wedding that they didn’t even consider before.

Will you marry me?

Unfortunately the engagement is usually forced by the family and the close ones. Of course many couples are in love and independently decides about their relationship or marriage. But there are many people who give in to the family or friends’ constant pressure, repeatedly wanting to know when somebody will finally settle down, have a wife or a husband. Many times in those situations the people who are constantly pestered about getting married will choose to get engaged. The problem is that they may not be quite sure whether they would like to get married but constantly asking parents, grandparents or friends will somehow make them do it.

I am planning my wedding, because I really want it, or because I have to please my family?

This is a very important question which you have to answer for yourself. Are you ready to have a wedding, get married and take on every commitment and the compromises and sacrifices that come with it? Of course marriage also involves years of amazing experiences, but you have to know each other very well to take on such a big commitment.

So if you are giving in to a family pressure, are declaring the wedding date to make everyone leave you in peace, to stop the asking and the attacking, think again, because you need to be sure that this step will definitely bring you joy.

You and your partner will live together. Not the families who are making you get married.


Author: Bien Magazine

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