online dating advice, sometimes women exaggerate their feelings which puts men off

How to get a man - don’t force yourself onto him

Many times it happens that a desperate woman who was on her own for a long time forgets where the line lies when going on a date. We know that loneliness is annoying and there are not many people that actually want to be alone. On the other hand, we cannot go over the top and lose our minds just because we were invited on a date. Women's magazines online come to the rescue.

Don’t forget about logic

Women react to near enough everything in an emotional way. Often they exaggerate their reactions to ensure the man who paid attention to them is happy. If you are one of those women who rarely date, be careful not to behave as a needy cat or a dog.

The fact that someone invited you on a date does not have to mean that you have to subdue and allow all your feelings and wishes go on a second plan. You are as important as the guy who invited you out.

Do not cross the line

You need to control your emotions and reactions. It is not worth it to throw yourself into an embrace of a man you just met, as you do not know the consequences this could bring.  Kissing him repeatedly in front of other people may be embarrassing for him.

It can turn out that the guy who asked you out will not be attracted to you as you won’t have anything in common. Your passions, interests, character traits for example. In this situation walk away with your head held high and your dignity intact. Don’t invite him for a drink at your place when you see that he really wants to go home. Don’t ask him when you will meet again if you feel he does not want to.

Don’t impose yourself after a bad date

If the date didn’t go so well, never mind. You are not the only one this has happened to. Every one of us has many of those experiences in our books. This does not mean that you will never meet your one and only.

If the date was bad, you cannot do some of the following things. Don’t bump into him “by accident”, don’t spy on him or call him to make another date. This will bring the complete opposite result to the one intended. Don’t try to save the situation that is beyond repair. Treat the whole thing as an important life experience. The next date will be much better.


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