Healthy lifestyle for children -  a baby’s cry is not only a signal that it is hungry or wants to sleep

How to understand your newborn’s cry

Children communicate through crying because at the beginning they can’t do it any other way. In the first three months, the newborn will cry more often because they will be unaware how they can express their needs and emotions. This soon changes after the 3rd month of your baby’s life. Then the cry can have different concentration, form and is an expression of different needs, feeling or mood. According to women's magazines online it is essential to closely listen to the cry of your child and try to understand what it is trying to communicate in that moment.

Need of being close

By crying, the small child is asking their parents to comfort them. The cry is a request “Please don’t leave me”. The child can sense the closeness of their parent or guardian and relaxes and feels comfortable. Its brain releases the hormones of happiness which makes the child feel the same. To help fulfill this need, you can place your child in a seat and while doing house chores talk to them about it. The newborn will not understand but will sense that you are talking to them.

Need of sleep and silence

The other type of crying informs us that the child is tired and wants to sleep. It needs silence and sleep. You need to understand that the child absorbs everything they encounter using all of their senses, they react stronger to the reality. What is natural and normal for an adult can annoy or energise your child. It is worth then isolating the baby from all the noises, which can disturb it, dim the lights and stroke its head until it relaxes. It is not advised then to take the child in your arms or swing because this gives an opposite effect to the one desired. You don’t have to completely silence the whole environment as the child has to get used to the natural noises of a busy household.

Need of getting to know the world

Scientists discovered that a newborn also cries when it wants to experience and get to know the world around them. It can seem quite extraordinary that by the age of 3 months the child has the need to get to know the world around them. Children from this stage of development onwards are very absorbent when it comes to gathering information. Kids are interested in everything that is happening.

The world is interesting for a child, it doesn’t want to separate from it and doesn’t even want to waste time on sleeping. To help your child understand that sleep time is important and prepare it for that you can read to your child before bed time or play some relaxing music. This will be a signal for them that it is time to relax.

Information of basic needs

Of course, crying is a signal of hunger, dirty nappy, tummy ache or growing teeth. It is important to be able to distinguish this kind of cry from others mentioned above. Otherwise you will always have to check whether the nappy is dry, whether the child is hungry etc.


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