With a few simple personal development tips you can considerably improve your work in your own company

Work wisely, not hard, at your own company

These days are unusual. An infinite amount of our work is now completed by machines and computers, but that does not help us work easier and less. On the contrary - we work harder and for longer, which we all agree on. Modern people are so caught up in the madness of work that, as it is often the case, they sacrifice 99% of their attention and energy to it. Especially if they are self employed, in their own company. It may be worth thinking about how to make it a little easier for ourselves and how to improve our actions. Maybe you will find our personal development top tips useful here.

Look critically at what you do and how you do it

Since we are judged on the effects of our actions and not the amount of work or effort we put in, it is important to focus on the problem of how to work smarter rather than having to work harder. Hence, it is time to verify the style of work you have in your own company.

It is such a brilliant saying - if you always do what you always do, you always get what you always get. It is therefore worth looking at the methods of your work. If they are not effective, because you are drowning in the midst of responsibilities, it is time to critique and verify them. To do this, try to look at your actions from a distance. Ideally – travel somewhere for a moment, a day, or two, to get the right perspective. It really, really helps! A new place and a moment of free time will allow you to see how you operate in your own company and whether your work brings the results you deserve.

Create your precise characteristics

Simplify the process of searching for customers. Search for them without looking. How do you do it?

When we meet someone for the first time, we evaluate them automatically and assign them some concise, brief characteristic. For example, "Robert is a plumber" or "Kate is nasty". Our brain works so briefly and it is worth using this mechanism to your advantage. Share with people you meet on the way a brief summary of what you are doing. In that sentence or two, tell them about your work. Speak with enthusiasm, but briefly, so that the person you meet immediately knows what your business is doing. If they need a service in your industry, they will remember about you first of all.

However, remember this characteristic, seemingly simple, you have to prepare precisely and practice many times. It works. This way, you will save a lot of time and energy on finding new customers. They will find you.

Divide the work into stages

Divide every project you have to complete into logical steps. It will give you double effect - you can control the effects easier and react faster to problems, solve them from the stage level not the whole endeavour. It's easier to fix a small matter than to face resurrecting the whole project that has collapsed in the final step.

The second question - if you reach the goal, even a small one, your sense of confidence grows. It is completely different to wait for the completion of a powerful, difficult project that seems to have no end. Therefore - divide the work into stages and it will be easier.

Split tasks

Many of us seem to think that we are irreplaceable, that no one else will do what we do, just as well as we do it. This is not true. If you feel that you are beginning to fall behind with your work, that you are working at night and devoting every second of free time to it, then you should delegate a part of your duties to someone else. Do not say you have no means to pay someone. If business goes twice as fast, there is chance for double the speed of work and better earnings. Try it. If it does not work out, you can always (hope not!) return to the old habits. But - often putting a task into someone else's hands has the good effect that you gain a new perspective. You never know what constructive ideas your new business associate will bring into the business. Here you have to take the risk.

Do not hold onto lost cases

We saved this simple, but often painful in the implementation advice, for last. Do not hold onto those projects that will not work out, or that do not produce results for the time being. Focus only on what has good prognosis for the future. When you stabilise yourself, there will always be time to return to what was postponed. Or - you may find that you will not need to go back to it at all.


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