Tips for child care whilst travelling with a small child

How to plan a trip with a toddler

Active people who have become parents cannot imagine abandoning their old way of life, they do not want to give up on exploring the world. The idea of ​​a holiday at a hotel where you spend the whole time at the pool seems to be a real horror. But - there is nothing to fear. If you get your small child used to travelling, they will prove to enjoy it and you can take them almost anywhere. Here is how to plan family vacation ideas with toddlers.

Do not force anything, make a flexible action plan

The basic rule for travelling with a toddler says – do not force anything. You cannot carefully plan the entire route, because you need to allow a lot of flexibility to suit the rhythm of your child's day. If they are sleepy, hungry, or tired, you need to take a break and meet their needs. You also need to consider, if travelling in a group, other people’s requirements, who may not associate a crying baby with a good holiday.

Consider your child's interests

It is worth planning a part of the trip to suit the interests of the toddler. Take them to the zoo, the swimming pool, a festival, the fountain show or a knights tournament. You also need to adjust the rhythm of travel to what is exciting for the toddler, not just for the adults. In the ancient temple, the child will be bored out of their mind but they will be ecstatic in the amusement park. So the trip must be divided fairly - part of the attractions for the toddler and part for the parents.

Plan B

Of course, you have to try to get your child interested in the whole trip, but sometimes it may not be easy. So it is good to have a „Plan B" - have your baby’s favourite toy with you, which will calm the nervous toddler, and also some new toys that will distract them from any problems. You can buy books or travel games. You have to keep in mind that they do not consist of small pieces - losing one can cause real despair.

An indispensable bag for every parent

A parent's bag, should not be forgotten, as this can be taken with the little traveller on any trip. You need to carry a well-stocked food bag, accessories for changing diapers, water, their favourite cup or a bottle, a hat, snacks, wet wipes and bags for rubbish or dirty clothes. Also, of course, do not forget medication for various ailments.

This well-stocked parent, of course, with plenty of patience and a sense of humor, will have a totally unforgettable holiday with their child.


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