An XL wedding dress can be as elegant and unique as a dress of a slim model following our wedding dresses tips online

Wedding dress in an XL size

Every woman, regardless of their figure, extra pounds around their waist or imperfections, can look perfect walking down the isle. We must remember that love and the charm of a person who is loved gives you wings, so she herself radiates with inner glow. The dress is only helping to show it a little more.

Nevertheless - if you are aware that your silhouette is not perfect, it is worth remembering some principles that will help you avoid a stylistic nightmare and choose best dresses for weddings.

What shape is your figure?

You have to establish this at the beginning. Does your figure look like an apple, a pear or an hourglass? Look at yourself critically, take a photo in your underwear. Do not fool yourself, because this matter is serious - it is about choosing the wedding dress that fits you best. Each figure is governed by different style rules and requires a different outfit.

The silhouette in the shape of an apple is characterised by rounded waist and slightly narrower hips. If that figure describes you, avoid horizontal lines – or wrinkles - around the waist. It is best to fit a dress cut just below the bust, or a dress in the form of the letter A - expanding down.

The silhouette of the pear type requires drawing attention away from the hips and exposing the shoulders and waist. Such an opportunity gives an A shaped dress, well fitted at the top and expanding downwards.

In turn, an hourglass figure must have a clearly defined waist.

Turn the attention away from your imperfections

By exposing the parts of your body that you like, you will draw the attntion away from the imperfection of your figure. If you have a beautiful neck, shapely legs, perfect waist, nice bust or shoulders - you have to show them off. Expose those parts of the body.

Choose appropriate decorations - lace, bows and inserts need to be placed where they draw the eye, never in places that are sensitive to you.

For ladies with fuller shapes, the most suitable is a smooth and delicate material. Rigid, decorative fabrics optically enlarge the silhouette.

 The less decorations, the better your dress will be. However, if you wish to have decorations on your dress, they should only be sewn in vertically.

And one last piece of advice - if you have a pale complexion, give up the pure white. If you decide to go for a distinctive colour, such as red, remember that your dress must be only one colour. Two-tone outfit shortens and broadens the silhouette.


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