latest beauty products used in a spa and using mud treatments have very good effects on your body

Relaxing treatments

There are many ways to achieve a perfect relaxation for the body - and also - the soul. These include, amongst other things, massages and seaweed body wraps or sea mud. A relaxation massage is great for your body. It gives a sense of weightlessness and inner harmony. It is calming, releases tension, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. It makes you feel as if nothing in the world could stop you, as if nothing mattered. It is worth a try! Here some suggestions from Bien Magazine.

Sea algae and clay treatment

If you do not feel the massage is your thing, try a sea algae mask enriched with green clay. This procedure works very similarly to a massage; it eliminates tension, removes or relieves pain and also speeds up metabolism. The heat generated through mask application on the back brings blissful relaxation.

Wraps with sea mud

This is another idea for a soothing relaxation, for the mind and body, treatment with invaluable curative and beautifying results. Sea mud is rich in minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, it help to regenerate your body, facilitating its detoxification. Mud wraps remove deposits and toxins that have accumulated over the years.

The advantages of a mud treatments

Treatments of applying mud bring instant results in many health areas. As we have said, they help get rid of toxins, treat arthritis and purify the sebaceous glands - called the pores of the skin. Firm and smooth skin help reduce cellulite and acne.

Dead Sea mud

You can buy them in any beauty store. This mud looks like a wet clay and smells like the river silt. They are used on selected body parts, covering them with a thin layer of mud. After 15-20 minutes, it needs to be rinsed off and the body washed with a shower gel or natural soap. It is important to then use alternately cold and warm water. After the procedure you should cover your body with body oil.The result is a brilliantly relaxed, smooth and beautiful skin that much younger people would be envious of.


Author: Bien Magazine

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