latest beauty trends, the art of makeup will enhance the beauty of your eyes

Adapt your make up to the colour of your iris

Many women don’t know that by matching the colour of your makeup to the colour of their eyes will not give them the result they aim for. It actually gives the opposite effect. Matching the eye shadow to the eye colour makes the eye look dimmed and the eyes will not stand out. How do you get the makeup to enhance the eye colour and add to it unbelievable depth and radiance? Online magazines for women specialists answer the questions.

Makeup for blue eyes

People gifted with blue or steel-blue eyes can decide to choose one of the below. If they would like to achieve a natural effect, they should apply greens, pinks and violets to their eyelids. Thanks to this connection their eyes will become expressive but the makeup will not be too aggressive and cold.

To achieve a special look they should use colours that contrast with their iris – when it comes to blue eyes or steel-blue the perfect colours would be orange, yellow, brown or black.

Make up for green eyes

To make green eyes beautiful and help them stand out, enhance them with the colour blue, turquoise and yellow eye shadows. If you want more dramatic look use violets and shades of copper.

If you want to make your eyes look hypnotizing and tempting and also a little daring, use the pallet of strong pinks, crimson or delicate shades of red.

Make up for hazel eyes

Hazel iris can be superbly enhanced with the colours of brown, coral, peach or orange. Accented like this the eyes will look natural and tempting.

On the other hand if you would like a brave, expressive makeup, add some violet, blue shades or even black eye shadow, which is a universal colour which adds expressiveness to the look.

Makeup for brown eyes

Women with brown eyes should use shades of gold and orange, which beautifully sit in harmony with their eye colour.

Braver ladies can choose to use blue, green and grey shades to achieve real tantalizing effect.


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