Online magazines uk - The third date is an important moment – it can lead to a serious relationship

The third date - the road to a real relationship

Number three is a number of exceptional importance. It symbolises completion and ending of a process. Is that why a third date, as it is commonly believed and discussed many times by women's online magazines, is a stepping stone for a relationship? If two dates proved to be charming, they have brought in the necessary enchantment, the third one will certainly complement them. When you both feel that you care for each other, the third date may prove to be decisive. How do you make this important meeting end in success?

How to propose a third date?

As you already met twice on previous dates there will be no problem with arranging the third one. However, it is worth coming up with some form of invitation, which will be a pleasant variation to the usual question, phone or text message. You can for example send a sweet invitation - box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers with a charming note.

Make an effort and use your imagination to invent something that the other person is definitely not expecting. Remember - this date must, from beginning to end, be unique.

Where to go for a third date?

If during the first two dates you talked about what in life you still haven’t done or tried or experienced, maybe it is the time to try it now. This may be, for example, an adventure of rock climbing. You can go to a concert, to the swimming pool, somewhere where you will definitely feel good together.

You already know each other well enough to know what the other person might like and what they will certainly not want to do.

Date guided by your interests

A very ingenious solution is to adjust the place of the third date to your interests. Show the other person what stimulates and absorbs you. Take them to a place that is close to your heart, where you can show off your eloquence and say many interesting things. Or - take your girlfriend or a boyfriend to a place where they really like to spend time, where they will definitely feel happy. If they like for example, to sit in libraries, discover the most incredible library in your area and visit there together, even if reading is not one of your favorite activities.

What not to declare on a third date?

Now, on the third date, you do not need to wonder what you will talk to each other about, as the conversation will take its own turns. But in order to not create a hostile tension and awkward situation, on the third date it is definitely not worth discussing very serious topics - eg. do not propose or declare the undying love. It is far too early for this.


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