tips for online and ral life dating, a brain of an enamoured person is where hormones dance their exciting dance

Love is a sequence of chemical reactions

Falling in love causes several changes in the human body. Of course, these changes differ in terms of intensity, so there are different types of infatuation. Some people are on cloud nine, some are dying of yearning and others are relatively calm. What is going on in your organism when you're in love? Here are some superficial theories that can be used as real life and online dating tips.

Raging hormones

Let's skip the divine gift, unity of souls and all the other names that people use to define love. According to scientists, it's nothing more than hormones. Hormones affect your brain instead of your heart. Unfortunately, their impact is similar to that of drugs.

Love causes an organism to go into a shock. The heart beats much faster than usual, blood pressure rises and a chemical storm rages inside the brain. The organism produces hormones, which are responsible for transmitting signals between neurons. Their production results in a love euphoria because the brain usually produces significantly fewer hormones.

State of euphoria

If you ever have experienced a state in which you think that love can help you overcome anything in the world, this means that your organism had been attacked by phenethylamine (PEA). It has a euphoric effect, just as some drugs have. Thanks to PEA, it only takes a gesture or a look from your heart-throb to make you feel ecstatic.

Can't live without you

If you're totally astonished by your heart-throb and the only thing that matters to you is to be with her/him, this means your brain is under influence of dopamine. This hormone's effect is very similar to that of amphetamine. It causes you to find everything your partner does both perfectly and adorably. Unfortunately, dopamine's effect wears off relatively quickly. After that, people start to see each other's flaws and they're surprised with how they could have loved somebody like that. But, they didn't have a full control over their organism.

Remember every detail

There's one more hormone, which is responsible for infatuation, and it's norepinephrine. Its effect is slightly similar to being tipsy. Moreover, it has encouraging qualities. Norepinephrine causes euphoric states and it gives an amazing rush of energy. If you remember even the smallest details of your moments together, this hormone is the one to blame.


In conclusion, regardless of whether infatuation is a result of raging hormones or of some divine intervention, it's a wonderful state, definitely worth experiencing. Therefore, long live the love hormones!


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