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How to lower your heating bills?

Those who build a new house, can start to plan and take advantage of modern technology, enabling them to significantly reduce heating costs. Unfortunately, those who live in old houses or apartments, have to have a little think about how to save money on bills. Below are some simple suggestions from Bien Magazine.

Tight windows and doors

It is worth ensuring that, in the house or apartment all the windows and doors are sealed. You can use special foam seals, which there are many on the market. You have to secure the back door, porch and front door.

Much more expensive, but on the other hand, a more effective way to save on heating, will be to  replace old, leaky windows with modern ones, with composite glass or other improvements.

Quick airing

Apartments and houses must be regularly aired. Where it is possible to use mechanical heat pumps and heat recovery units, everything happens automatically. If you, however, do not have access to such technological wonders, you can open the windows.

You must certainly ventilate the rooms a few times a day and definitely before bedtime. The window can be opened for a short time, with the door closed and, of course, the radiators switched off temporarily.

Cool air is healthy

Many sleep better in a slightly cooler room, so during the night it is worth turning down the temperature where you sleep, and even more so in the rooms that are empty.

Of course, you cannot bring the rooms to a state of total coolness because you will need to consume a lot more heat to reheat them.

Smaller heating in an empty house

If everyone leaves the house to go to school or work, you can reduce the heating slightly, but you must remember not to turn it off completely, because this way you can dampen the walls or cause the water pipes to freeze.

You could purchase a special control unit for the central heating, which can be programmed and adjusted to regulate the heating. More modern devices can be operated remotely, for instance, start working an hour before the family arrives home.


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