It is best to buy meat in shops we can trust with those tips for healthy life

What you need to consider in order to buy fresh meat

Eating raw meat can have very serious consequences. You can get infected with E coli bacteria or salmonella, which in critical situations, can even lead to a long-term hospital stay. Fortunately, there are tips for healthy lifestyle allowing you to check whether the meat is suitable for eating.

How to recognise spoiled meat?

Spoiled meat has a distinct look, it is also strange to touch and smells bad. What characterises it? Bad meat gives off a sweet, musty odor, has a slightly greenish coating and sticky layer. In addition, the meat that started going bad is darker in colour than the fresh. Each type of meat looks slightly different - and so poultry is gray-yellow, beef and game become brownish and pork dark pink.

Unfortunately, E Coli or salmonella do not die at low temperatures, so the very fact that meat is stored in a refrigerator will not make it edible.

Light is cheating

It is important to keep in mind that the light in the fridge where the meat is located is often set so that the meat looks very nice, fresh and appetising. And here you have to be careful. It is worth taking the meat in your hand and looking carefully at it.

Where to buy meat?

You should definitely go to such stores or buy meat from those suppliers who are checked.

What to look out for? The shop where we buy meat, has to be clean - you have to pay attention to the work surfaces and the aprons of the sellers. This will tell you whether the store can be trusted. It should also be noted that the meat is properly divided - for example, the offal must be separated from the rest of meat and poultry be kept away from other meat. The seller themselves must wear gloves – they can never handle the meat with bare hands.

In a trustworthy store you will get information on where the meat comes from and an explanation of  quality standards.

Where you should not buy meat from?

Definitely avoid the market, the bazaar, or any stands that are not carefully prepared to sell meat. You should not use meat from domestic slaughter houses, as you can never be sure if it was properly examined.


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