Women's magazines online advise - wedding photos area better keepsake than a film from a wedding day.

Should you have photos of your own wedding?

Today, in the time of highly developed multimedia, many future spouses wonder whether film will replace wedding photos. We will vote unanimously - certainly not. Online fashion magazines advise if you hire a professional photographer, he will make one of the most beautiful moments of your lives immortal in many extraordinary shots. Films are not able to do that. More so because, the filmed guests are not – like actors in a professional cinema - prepared to "perform." Wedding films often, unfortunately, disappoint. With photos there is no such problem. Hence - it is worth hiring a professional to have a beautiful memory of your own wedding. 

The choice of photographer

How to choose a photographer? You definitely need to familiarise yourself with his achievements, photo gallery and a portfolio that he presents on the internet or in his atelier. If the photographer is imaginative, you can see that his photos are varied and fresh therefore it is worth to choose his services. There are many photographers around, so you will have to decide yourself which one you really like.

The next step is deciding whether you will have your photos taken outdoors or in the studio.

Photos  outdoors

Outdoor photos are best planned for after the wedding day, although there are many couples who disappear after the wedding ceremony or during the wedding party to take photos. Sometimes this is, unfortunately, not a good idea. The weather may not cooperate and a muddy wedding dress just does not look good.

The second thing - the best wedding photos are taken when the big emotions of the ceremony settle. After a few days, the bride and groom are familiar with their new situation and are able to naturally and positively pose in the photo shoot. This is different however on the wedding day when the whole party is accompanied by a powerful dose of stress.

Pictures in the studio

The second alternative is studio photos. This solution is dedicated to people who feel good in front of the camera and do not take unnatural poses.

For the studio photo shoot you need to reserve some time, as the session rarely takes less than an hour.

You have to remember not to allow yourself to overload a photo with props that have nothing to do with your lifestyle or do not get put in poses that do not fit you perfectly. Remember, it is your time and you are in control here. If what the photographer proposes does not appeal to you, you can openly disagree. It is all about an unforgettable memory that will last for decades!


Author: Bien Magazine

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