healthy lifestyle for children, attending weddigs can very nice or they canbe tiring party guests

Should you take kids to the wedding?

Elegantly dressed little ones, a three year old in a dinner jacket or a four year old girl sprinkling flowers in front of the bride is usually a heartwarming and amusing sight. Kids at the wedding can be a real asset because their presence provokes better behavior from adults. Parents with their kids usually drink less alcohol and become guests with more class. Unfortunately, kids at the wedding are also a big duty. Children usually don’t want to be quiet and especially in important moments, drawing attention from the groom and bride, sometimes disturbing them. You need to understand that having children at the wedding will bring many limitations. Kids can become tired with a long party and there may be a problem with putting them to sleep.

Let’s look at the pros and cons connected with the presence of young children at the wedding, here our tips for child care at the wedding.

Pros of having children at the wedding

Children undoubtedly create a very homely and pleasant atmosphere. Many grumpy, keen to complain or argue uncles will happily play with the little ones finding their new nature.

Kids are completely unpredictable, so you have it guaranteed that they will do something no adult would think about. This will secure good fun providing they don’t think about being naughty.

Children usually like dancing; they will be great leaders of the dance or partners for adults who forgot how to have great fun on the dance floor.

Those who love to look at wedding photos and videos years later will have tears in their eyes remembering the party and photos with the kids will make them emotional for years.

The other side of the coin – cons of having children at the wedding

Kids will definitely not be able to take the whole, long and sometimes lasting till the crack of dawn party. Parents have to remember that they will want to go to sleep at some point or go home. If you take the kids somewhere far, this makes the whole party more expensive as they have to have proper care and be in the right setting. Kids can be moody and without any problems express their unhappiness. You have to bear in mind that they can cause a scene at the wedding because something will not suit them. They might not like the music or they will be frightened by an unknown man with big mustache. In this case children are unpredictable and it is hard to say how their presence will affect the party.

Parents should as always, remember that they decided to bring the child to the wedding (if the young couple agreed) therefore they can’t be cross with their child if it starts behaving badly.

If the bride and groom don’t allow the presence of kids at their wedding then the parents of the children should understand. The presence of kids can collide with the execution of games that are designed for adults only or be more expensive due to the need of hiring a special room in which the kids will be able to play and sleep.


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