Online magazines uk remind you that a dog, even one you know very well, can behave unpredictably

The owner is responsible for their dog

If your beloved pet dog, that in your eyes appears to be an angel, would cause some damage, you as the owner are fully responsible. You must accept the fact that your pet is not always going to be shown equal affection by everyone. There are people (although it is hard to believe), who really do not like animals. Bien Magazine explores the topic.

Dog misdemeanors tend to be expensive

It's hard to tell if your dog is really friendly with people. The fact that it does not throw itself on anyone who looks at them, that it willingly allows to be stroked, does not unfortunately mean that it has a nature of a cosy lamb. It may happen that even the most friendly of dogs attacks someone. If it shreds your neighbour or the unfortunate postman’s trousers, you might be able to agree a settlement for the damage with the victims. Unfortunately, the matter may find its finale at the police station, where surely no one will listen to your explanation, that you absolutely do not know what got into your dog's head. In such situation, a statement that this is your neighbour’s fault because they irritated your dog, will probably not suffice. The fault lies with you. Therefore, it is always worth settling any issues like that amicably and resolve them without the intervention of the police. In the worst case scenario, it may happen that the injured person even takes you to court because they are within their rights to do so, if the dog did a lot of damage.

Hence the simple advice - do not let your pet to be too friendly with strangers.

The warning sign on the gate or fence

If you live in a house with a garden where your dog runs loose, you should hang a sign on the gate or fence informing others of its presence. Unfortunately, you need to remember that the sign will not be taken into account if a dog attacks someone entering the yard. It only means that the person entering your property will be more vigilant. You should take the dog inside if someone else enters your property.


Many pet owners decide to take out special insurance. This applies particularly to the owners of dogs that are dangerous or hyperactive and can easily cause damage. Standard policies, however, do not cover damage related to health.

It is unfortunate that many dog ​​owners try to save money on insurance – they would probably avoid a lot of unpleasant situations if their dog decided it did not like someone after all.


Author: Bien Magazine

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