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Chair decorations for the wedding

It turns out that the issue of chair decorations, where guests will sit during the wedding or the wedding party, is often overlooked, even for those couples who assume that a real wedding must be perfected in every detail. If we look at every detail, we cannot then forget to decorate the chairs.

Chairs are often omitted quite wrongly, because they are an important element – their function is not only a purely utilitarian, but can become an excellent target of creative wedding decor. If the chairs weren’t decorated, even the most beautiful wedding hall will be missing something. Bien Magazine explores the detail below.

How to decorate the chairs for the ceremony

So called wedding chairs are, above all, those that a young couple will sit on. Guests will sit on church benches, which will also be decorated. The exception is an outdoors wedding, where there will be many chairs.

Wedding chairs can be decorated with pre made covers that you can buy, for example online. You can also beautify them with live or artificial flowers, lace tape, ribbons, and ornamental shrubs. Keep in mind that you have to choose muted colors that are elegant. The less of them the better, it is always good to go for a consistent colour.

How to decorate the chairs for the wedding party

Nicely decorated chairs in the wedding hall can perfectly emphasise the atmosphere of the place. With the addition of decorations, the chairs will take on a quite unique character. Here you can also make use of colourful, ready-made covers or give free rein to your imagination. Chairs can be decorated with flowers, pieces of wood or materials, fancifully tied with linen strips, ribbons, ropes with artificial crystals or pearls.

Start decorating in advance

Considering the fact that as a rule, there are many chair needed at the wedding, keep in mind getting them ready in advance, so this laborious and intensive activity is not left for the wedding day. It is also worth involving a person with a good art sense.


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