Online magazines UK - You will build your happiness by changing your own nature first

What not to do to yourself, part 1

Here at Bien Magazine, we want everyone to be happy, but hardly anyone assumes that this requires work on yourself and your life. We have a lot of harmful tendencies and habits that effectively hinder emotional development. To be happy, you do not necessarily have to look for something new - first you need to change your interior. Otherwise there is no chance that you will find the right path.

Psychologists say, there are many very harmful habits that we replicate and return to, like an addict for drugs. Therefore, you must first identify and then remove them. Only then you can start building your happiness.

Stop running away from your problems

Every unresolved problem, will come back to you like a boomerang. Not only that, it will come back stronger and you will feel its weight and have a feeling that it is impossible to beat. This is how it works - something that is difficult, important to solve, what is troubling you, must be resolved as soon as possible. It does not matter at what cost. We know you are scared. But this is what it is all about - you have to overcome the fear. Write down what bothers you and look for the simplest and most effective solution.

Stop pretending, do not fool yourself

Many people build an artificial self-image, they tell others what they are, but there's little truth in it. Actually they show the world the vision of themselves - the better, more talented, smarter and more perfect in every way. Ask yourself, what is it for? Who do you really cheat? People or yourself?Being yourself, seeing yourself in the most objective light lets you work on what you believe is wrong with you. If you tell lies about yourself, at some point you will believe them and ruin creating the better version of yourself.

Stop lying to yourself

It's very a short-sighted action. Often you lie to yourself when you are under a lot of stress or under pressure. But it leads nowhere. You fool yourself for a moment and things calm down for a while. But only for a moment, because your own head will want to reach the truth and will always remind you of your hypocrisy.

Stop doing what you do not want

Do not tell yourself that it's nice to play a role of one who listens to others and does what they are told. There is not a man who could bear in the long run,  everyone making decisions about his life, and he does not have an influence. Pluck up the courage to change what is bothering you - if the work is unbearable, do not expect it to get better. It will only get worse. You must find the courage to try something new. The same with people who you slow you down, the family who interferes and does not believe in you.


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