online dating advice, men love cars and they also enjoy car dates

Date in a car

Men love cars. You can sometimes have a feeling that they love them more than their women. Cars have names (usually feminine), they are fondled, washed, cared for and looked after. A broken car can destroy a big chunk of man’s life. That’s why a date in a car can be something completely unique for him. Find below unique date ideas.

Women v car

Men often feel that women treat their car only as a very functional transportation method, which also allows them to protect their delicate hairstyle from the rain and keep their favourite shoes dry, and nothing else. If the woman suggests that she would like to go on a car date a man who loves cars will be over the moon and will take her to the end of the world and back.

Easy catch

A wise woman will quickly use her intelligence and her talent to manipulate people, admiring her dating partner’s car, great reflex and brilliant technique of driving through twisting roads. We guarantee that after a compliment like that a car loving guy will move all his feelings onto a woman, even though before he deeply loved his car.

Place – a surprise

There are methods to ensure having a pleasant car date. You can agree that you will only turn right (or left) and the chance or the road and signs will show you where you will end up. There you can eat a nice dinner or have a picnic.

A car date allows us to feel special emotions which are connected with visiting charming places. One of the partners can suggest visiting a place that the other one does not know. They can visit haunted ruins of a castle, walk around a charming lake or visit a wild beach.

Here you can play in many ways – you can also choose random places on a map and check what attractions are there.


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