relationship tips for men, women find men who like to cook very desirable.

Men in the kitchen – women's point of view

We will look at the problem of men in the kitchen, seen by women. Ladies are very disappointed with the fact that so few men like to cook and those who do, usually make very experimental meals. Making a traditional dinner is something they prefer to avoid because it's not a challenge for them.

This is how the picture of men in the kitchen actually looks like. Some guys avoid cooking like fire, others cook very rarely and there are also those who love to experiment while cooking. Bien magazine advises on the matter.

"I won't go in there!"

Men who consequently avoid cooking are capable of burning water for tea. Of course, assuming that they know how to boil it. There are a few theories on why such guys don't want to cook. Primarily, they simply don't like to. Secondly, they're just too lazy. Women should pray for not needing to ask a guy like this for any help in the kitchen. This is because it would surely end with something disastrous. Your helper might cut himself with a blunt knife, turn potatoes into dice, spill all possible fluids on the floor or destroy anything that gets in his hands. The option of keeping him out of your kitchen seems much better.

"Look what I've made for you!"

There are guys who will cook something occasionally. Most of the times they do this only to amaze you with some culinary miracle. They usually serve representative meals that they've been cooking many times. This way they're certain that nothing will go wrong and they can make a perfect impression with their culinary talent. The problem is that this talent dies as soon as such a guy gets married and his wife asks him to cook something.

"No trespassers in the kitchen this is my territory!"

There's also the third type of men – they treat the kitchen as their kingdom. They buy the highest quality kitchen equipment so that they can make meals you haven't even dreamed of. Such men are very eager to experiment and to surprise everyone with their culinary imagination. They put much effort into their work, they love to improve flavours and they're very open to novelties. It's wonderful to have such a splendid cook at home. Nevertheless, many women would not complain about a regular “kitchen craftsman”, who can cook a normal dinner without being forced to do so.


Author: Bien Magazine

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