Advice on dresses and jewellery for weddings

Wedding Jewellery

On the wedding day every bride wants to look stunning. To complete the look - a beautiful wedding gown, chosen for months, elaborate hairstyle and elegant makeup, also consider the wedding jewellery that can, more than anything else, complete the whole extraordinary image.

An engagement ring on the finger, earrings in your ears, a necklace or a pendant decorating the chest or a beautiful bracelet on the wrist - you have many options to choose from. Here some latest women fashion trends.

Accessories are selected to match the dress

If you decide to enhance your wedding look with jewellery, you need to remember to match them to your creation. Not vice versa. You can order something special for the occasion from artists who specialise in original jewellery and you can choose from wonders made of silver, gold or platinum.

Jewellery with history and meaning

A special gesture is donating the bride a ring, necklace or bracelet that belonged to the family. Such jewellery with its own history is always an extremely eloquent gift. Someone can, for example, give their loved one their grandmother's engagement ring. It is worth noting that the choice of an engagement ring is a very serious matter – something that appeals to the beloved person must be chosen. It is the same case with a wedding ring. You must remember that wedding rings are worn for years or even a lifetime. Therefore, they should be selected consciously and deliberately - and, of course, together.

The engagement ring and wedding ring are jewellery of great symbolic and emotional meaning, so a lot of time has to be given to make the correct selection.

Necklaces, chains, pendants

The style of the dress plays a very big role in the selection of appropriate jewellery - especially a necklace, chain or a pendant. The easiest to buy for are dresses with bare shoulders or neck - then the neck will be beautifully accented by either a delicate chain or a large necklace. In turn, to match a dress with straps or one tied at the neck fits only fine jewellery. Wedding dresses with heart-shaped necklines look good with the necklace of an elongated shape, or taking the form of the letter V. If the dress does not have a cleavage, you should not wear any necklaces.


Earrings are chosen based on the shape of the bride’s face and hair style. Long earrings visually lengthen the face, they completely do not work if the bride has loose, long hair, which will hide the accessory or even become entangled in her hair.


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