Parents should control their emotions, not to say something they will later regret

Do not make your child a scene

Children play up and can be naughty, because this is also how they get to know the world. From the reaction of their parent it will depend how they develop - whether they will be willing to explore talents, their personality and the world, or become frightened and self-contained, not believing in their own abilities. How to react when a child does something that we really do not like?

Do not shout but talk

When a parent is shouting, the child is so stressed that it simply does not understand the meaning of the words spoken in anger. The main idea, which then appears in its head, is the belief the parents no longer love it. Parents must understand that a child learning the world, time after time makes mistakes - but this is a mistake in the mind of adults. Because the child  does not know itself, that it did something "wrong"; often it cannot judge its own actions. If a child breaks something, you cannot shout at them, you have to explain why it should not be doing that.

Of course, it is worth preventing possible damages, explaining to the child what it should not move or teaching it how to use the equipment correctly – providing it is safe for the child.

Do not embarrass your child publicly

One of the worst and most traumatic memories for the child may be an argument, involving a parent outside of the home, when complete strangers or close ones witness it. The public shouting at the child, accusing it of making a mistake, or on the other hand, publicly accusing it of not doing something, may become a real problem for the child. Every parent should very carefully chose the words of criticism when they are away from the home and while other people are in ear shot. One of the worst scenarios in the life of every child or even a teenager, is a public belittling of its value, or even humiliation.

This educational method is probably one of the reasons why some kids hate their parents and spoiling of the family relationship, often for many, many years. A parent who is nagging their child must take into account many factors that can change this "scene" into a nightmare.


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