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How not to put weight on during Christmas

Christmas spirit, nice music in the shops, lit ups streets, Christmas tree, presents, beautiful smells and having close people around – this creates an extraordinary and special time. This is also a dangerous time, because all common sense is allowed to be left on the side and logical resolution of not overeating. As a consequence we eat twice, three times as much as we would normally eat, we absorb unthinkable amounts of calories and we hardly move around. Something has to be done about it, so after next Christmas there was no moral regret and beating yourself up about a few extra pounds which were not there before. Tips for healthy lifestyle even during Christmas.

How to stay slim during Christmas

Scientists long ago established that writing down a resolution on a piece of paper had a great power. The brain easily adapts to this communicate and is more willing to oblige. Therefore before Christmas it is worth writing down on a piece of paper the pros of not giving in to the temptation of overeating. We guarantee it works.

What can you write? For example: by not overeating you will be healthier, you won’t have a stomachache, you can forget what stomach reflux is and you won’t have to exercise like mad for the next month to get rid of the few extra inches on the waste.

Have your limits

Try not to give in to the common Christmas madness and logically plan your meals. This does not mean that you have to starve. Don’t ever let yourself fall into exaggeration, logically think how much you can eat and how many meals are needed for the whole family. After Christmas, most food usually end up in the bin.

This year try to shop wisely and purchase a little bit less food. You will see that the food will definitely last you and you will remember all the goodies with pleasure.

Try to opt for healthier dishes

If you really have to have the whole table covered with plates and different dishes, try to make sure most of them are healthy. Eat a lot of vegetables and salads. Try to not serve many fried foods as they are the most fatty and cause a real problem for your stomach to digest. Also avoid eating too many sweets – don’t eat the whole cake at once, try to savour a small piece.

Stay active

If you eat more, you have to move more. Go for a walk with your family after every large meal. Don’t just sit in front of the TV. Leave your car in the garage, regardless of the weather and try to spend time outside as much as possible.

If you like sports, don’t justify making a break because of Christmas.


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