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Think young and you will be young

You cannot stop the passing of time and nothing, not even the best cosmetics in the world, can do little to change the fact that the skin is getting older, wrinkles appear, and the body is not as firm as in the days of its youth. You can try to combat the time, using increasingly expensive and more advanced cosmetics, but unfortunately, this can change very little. You can also opt for a more drastic step, plastic surgery. Or you can also… start thinking young and in the same time age a lot slower. Latest beauty trends here.

Find good sides of the aging process

Your own head perfectly makes everything happen that you think about and will summon the things you are afraid of. If you are afraid of growing old, you can be sure that it will not be an especially enjoyable time. Researchers have verified that those who can not find any positives in aging, fall into depression and, sadly, die much faster than those who accept the natural order of things. So, and a lot of positives can be found in old age. What positives? Here we will not suggest anything because it would be too easy. Try yourself.

Explore the world

The more years you have, unfortunately, the harder and more often you give up on new opportunities, you fall into a routine, make each day the same as the previous one. This way, aging, above all, is your brain, and it drags behind it the aging of your body. Think about everyone, also those older people, who decided to travel, take on a hobby, be interested in things which previously they did not have time for. How fascinating and inspiring are they? They actually haven’t aged. And the fact that the body is no longer young and beautiful - is irrelevant.

Blame yourself for aging

When you repeatedly emphasise that the twinges in your bones are a symptom of impending old age (although you are only 30 years old), that you fall apart piece by piece, that it kills you climbing on the 2nd floor – you are only making it worse for yourself. Your brain is listening. If you say that you get older, it - your humble servant – will make your desires come true. You will get older. Therefore, be careful what you say to yourself. Tell yourself that you feel good that you are able to do anything, and so it will be.

Do not make excuses for passing years

You must not, under any circumstances, say that you are too old for something. Regardless of whether it is a party, piece of clothing, or a behavior. You're never too old, it's a very limiting belief. This stereotype was derived from the ancient past, when seniors were told to sit at home and to grow slack. These days are different. You can look young and feel like a teenager, if your spirit is young. If you treat yourself like an old woman, you will become one.


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