After one night in pitch-darkness, you will never go back to your old sleeping habits.

How to get a good night’s sleep?

A good night’s sleep allows you to wake up relaxed, happy and vigorous. This is also how your entire day will be. You will find it easier to focus, as well as to work more efficiently. Moreover, you will take care of your duties faster and have more time for yourself. It’s not true that a morning coffee will get you on your feet. But a good night’s sleep will.

Sleeping is extremely significant

While you sleep, your body restores the energy that you used during the day. This is why your sleep conditions are vital. The most crucial factors are the lack of intensive light, proper temperature and fresh air. If these conditions are met, you can be sure that you’re going to sleep well.

Another important thing is the bed you sleep on. It should be comfortable and your bedclothes should be clean and fresh. Provide your organism with the most comfortable sleeping conditions as possible. The less you take care of that, the more you will struggle during your sleep and wake up tired.

Things you should not do before going to sleep

There are a few significant rules you should obey, in order to sleep well. You can’t eat before sleeping. You should go to bed at a similar time. It’s a good idea to go for a walk before going to bed or to do some breathing exercises. However, the most vital thing is to ventilate your bedroom and cover your window tightly.

Sleep in a chilly room

The chillier your bedroom is, the better for your good night’s sleep. The optimum temperature for your bedroom is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. The best idea is to sleep with the window open. Of course, this all depends on the temperature outside. Nevertheless, experts claim that sometimes it’s good to open a window even during winter.

Darken your bedroom

Scientists have proven that even the smallest amount of light (such as the LED light of your mobile phone charger) slows down the production of melatonin, known as the dream hormone. Melatonin decreases blood pressure, glucose level, and body temperature. The disturbance of its functions has a very negative impact on your sleep. This is why you should remove any additional light sources from your bedroom and install roller blinds on your windows.

You may consider these solutions as ridiculous, but once you try it yourself, you’ll appreciate the miracles it can do to the quality of your sleep.


Author: Bien Magazine

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