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How to heal a relationship

There are entertaining beliefs that certain things happen without the slightest effort, for example: that you do not need to exercise to have a beautifully sculpted body, you do not need to eat healthily to live a long life in good health, that exercise does not reduce the level of stress. A similar false belief is saying that a relationship does not require work. Those who live in this belief probably have no idea what a good relationship entails.

How do you heal a relationship and make both partners feel good in it? It is not about a relationship that is damaged, but the daily relationships that need working on. Here is some relationship advice for women and men.

Be responsible

This is one of the most important objectives of a good relationship - you have to take responsibility for your own feelings and needs. Do not wait until your partner gives you happiness, do it yourself, initiate situations that will give joy to the other side. Thanks to this you will both feel fulfilled. Treat each other with kindness, understanding and protectiveness. Forgive yourselves little slip ups and accept weaknesses. When you treat a relationship as a friendly agreement, not something that you have to be in, you will both begin to be happy, but it requires work on both sides.

Blaming a partner for your failures is the main cause of huge problems in a relationship. This is the beginning of ruining a good relationship. Take responsibility for what you do.

Do not attack - explain

Both of you should agree that you will minimise anger in your relationship. Unfortunately, it is easiest to offload the daily frustrations on someone who is at hand - on your partner, child, a dog. After all it is not acceptable to speak badly to strangers.. What a terrible assumption!

Think how many times you are hurting your loved ones quite consciously and deliberately just because something you did, did not work out. How many times do you snap at trivial things?

If there is something unpleasant awaiting you from your partner, change the previous tactic of action - no reproach, no attack and do not be angry. Tell them how you feel, talk about your feelings, it always works.

Discuss in times of conflict

If you find yourselves in a conflict situation, you have two choices - either to start a scene or to talk. The second solution is extremely creative – it allows you to talk about your emotions, get to know the thoughts and feelings of your partner. Do not let yourself automatically try to control them, expressing your superiority, claiming that you know something better. Give them the same freedom, which you want for yourself. Try it – it is not easy, but it brings brilliant results.

Learn gratitude

Another very difficult art, which you both have to learn for as long as it takes to become a habit. You must, at all costs, learn mutual appreciation. The ability to enjoy what you have is priceless. You have to focus on it instead of the unfortunate things that happen to you, what you are missing. Anger intensifies stress, gratitude creates inner peace. You will both take advantage of this.


Author: Bien Magazine

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