Online dating advice - the right profile description brings you closer to finding the right person

Creating a good description on a dating website

The description that appears next to your photo on the dating site is extremely important. Ultimately, in a few sentences you have to describe yourself well enough to find your soul mate as soon as possible. What do you have to do to create a good description, to attract others and give you the most accurate information about you and your expectations? You can find best tips for online dating here.

What do you see in the mirror?

You may find it funny, but it is worth looking into the (inner) mirror and try to see yourself from someone elses perspective. It is not easy, but it is possible to do. Ask yourself - what characterises you? What sets you apart from other people? Note, that we do not talk here about external features, but about your character.

Ask yourself, what are your strengths? What impression do you make on people? What do other people like and value about you? Do not criticise yourself, just state the good stuff.

You must remember about one thing - we do not, unfortunately, see ourselves exactly the way we are. So spend some time analysing your personality. If you think you are a very agreeable and calm person, and yet you argue with everyone, it means that you do not judge yourself honestly. Search for the objective truth about yourself. Do a critical analysis of yourself and you will definitely get a lot of good out of it.

Who are you looking for?

This is another important question. You need to know exactly who you are looking for, what qualities are important to you. What qualities can you not go without? Here again is the important note - do not create the entire list of features of your ideal partner, because no one is perfect. Focus on what is absolutely important.

Also describe your habits and preferences. If you love to spend time at home, write about it, so you do not waste time meeting with people who cannot stay in one place for a long time. Open yourself up to yourself and also the other person. Remember that you have to be alike on many levels, because otherwise the relationship will quickly turn into an eternal conflict of strengths.

A few notes of a formal nature

The last piece of advice on what not to do, when creating an online dating profile. What discourages others from reading? Here is a list of what not to do (and how - on the other hand – not to write). What puts people off:

- long, exhausting stories - write briefly, succinctly, with passion and humor,

- do not sing your own praises - no one is perfect, no one will believe in a description like that,

- avoid trivial things, sentences so popular that you do not want to hear them - try to come up with something original,

- create a good name – there are some user names which immediately put people off; avoid vulgarity, backyard "names" that you had from childhood.


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