End your toxic relationship, before it turns into a hell on earth, follow our relationship tips

Most significant symptoms of a toxic relationship - Part one

People in a relationship feel that together they're able to overcome any obstacle. However, there are cases, in which a burning affection starts to fade away and slowly turns into an everyday nightmare. Being in a relationship is no longer a source of joy. This has a negative impact on your self-esteem. Sometimes, such relationships can turn into a truly toxic relation, which exhausts one, or even both parties. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to end this. They come to a conclusion that torment is better than loneliness. Such an attitude is a simple way towards unhappiness, which can last a lifetime.

What signals indicate that your relationship is becoming toxic? They're pretty easy to notice. However, you cannot ignore them. You need to try and make things better or break up until it's not too late. Time is not your ally. Read on for our relationship advice for women and men.

Unjustified jealousy

One of the most vivid signals that something is wrong with your relationship, is jealousy. One party begins to limit their partner's freedom and begins to suspect him or her of infidelity, even if there's no rational reason to do so. This basically results in living a life in a prison. “Where will you be this afternoon?”, “Why do you keep coming home late from work?”, “When are you coming back?”, “Who's this woman/man that you see at work?”. Such questions are asked more and more often. You begin to feel limited and your life-partner is becoming increasingly virulent. At some point, it becomes simply unbearable. Nothing in your life can't happen, without your life-partner knowing about it.

Physical or mental violence

When acts of physical violence begin to appear in your relationship, it's a clear signal that you need to break it up immediately. There's no doubt about it. However, there are also cases of mental violence, which are more difficult to recognise. This is because they may seem harmless in the beginning. Nevertheless, mental violence may lead you to a total ruin.

It usually begins with an emotional blackmail, which has many faces. Its purpose is to force you to act like your blackmailer wants. This can change your life into hell. You may be cut-off from your family or friends because your life-partner will claim that they interfere with your relationship too much. This is only made to gain a total predominance over you. This is followed by a constant surveillance in what you do. Moreover, you'll be blamed even for the smallest guilt. Your flaws will become analysed by your life-partner in their smallest details and he or she will draw joy out of your mistakes. In time, they will start humiliating you in front of other people, even complete strangers.


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